International Business Marketing Books by Bill Decker Global Business Consultant


Where did you learn marketing? Did you take a course? Did you get an MBA? Did you hire an MBA? Did you work for a consumer products company? Marketing Street Fighter reviews how the author learned marketing on the mean streets of New York City. Read the stories about growing up on the streets and how it relates to the field of marketing. Meet Billy Bat, “Blades” Marino and others.

See how the tough streets of Hell’s Kitchen prepared this author for a marketing career. Meet the characters he grew up with….tough guys who were all marketing geniuses (but they didn’t know it). It’s an easy fun read with New York City as a backdrop.



Why do companies work without a strategy?

Simple. Executives are afraid that by planning a strategy, there will be more work. Nothing could be further from the truth. A strategy (or set of strategies) will refine and define activities. If activities aren’t on the strategy, they should be avoided. It’s a classic case of an overused phrase: work smarter not harder.

The Workbook is organized logically. It starts by helping the user understand the market, the firm itself and the directions being pursued. It asks the user to undergo common methodologies such as defining missions and visions. The user is then required to pull out actionable strategies, measurement techniques and list the parties responsible for fulfillment.




Marketing 101 Video – Does Social Media Make You Money?



Are you interested in Global Business? Don’t have time to read a book? This book is 123 one-liners collected after a 30 year career in international business. There are proverbs, checklists, and a great deal of good solid advice from the People who brought you Lessons from the Road; Start up tips 1-2-3



The business world of today calls for expanding sales and profits in order to achieve ever-increasing earnings. Business owners and managers must look for any available opportunities to keep their market share and expand into new markets. What happens when their local market becomes saturated?

The savvy leader is inclined to search abroad for any and all potential new markets for their product or service. New markets offer the possibility of increasing total revenue and/or decreasing the costs of goods sold, thereby increasing profits. Entering new markets may also allow a company to follow its existing customers abroad, attack competitors in their home markets, guarantee a continued supply of raw materials, acquire technology or ingenuity, diversify geographically, or satisfy the stockholders’ desire to expand.