How It Works

Select Your Marketing Plan

Select Your Plan

Choose your plan and finalize your purchase.
Complete Questionaire

Complete Questionnaire

Complete an informal questionnaire about your business.
Review Posts

Review Posts

We’ll prepare a set of sample posts for your review. You may offer feedback on the samples if desired. With your approval, we’ll begin posting to your accounts.


There is no step 4. You’re totally hands-free now!
After selecting your plan and finalizing your order, you’ll be directed to a questionnaire to complete about your existing social accounts, your business and the tone you’d like your social accounts to take. Click below to see the info we require to get started:
Confirmation Social Media Marketing
Confirmation Pinterest Marketing
Once we receive your completed questionnaire, we’ll set your accounts up in our internal posting system. We may have additional questions for you so we’re 100% clear on the types of posts you want, topics and “voice” you’d like for your social accounts.

We’ll then create a sample set of posts for your review. They are meant to be an example of the kinds of content we think would be a match for your niche, and you’ll have the opportunity to review them and give feedback before we begin posting.

As soon as you give us the “Go ahead!” signal (by approving your sample posts) we’ll begin posting on your behalf to your social accounts.

At that point, you can be as hands-free as you’d like. Many of our clients let us manage their accounts completely and never even log in to their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ accounts once we’ve begin our work. Some clients continue to post their own updates when inspired, in conjunction with our postings.

We’ll take care of ensuring your accounts continue to have interesting, relevant and on-topic content posted to them so you can focus on what matters to you.

Let us take the work of daily social media management off your hands.