How Does Intent Based Analytics Work?

Apstra AOS® automates the entire lifecycle of network infrastructure and services. Starting with customer-declared statements of intent, AOS automates the various processes involved in designing and deploying network configurations, and ensuring that the network is always “ready for business” through real-time telemetry and analytics that provide continuous validation.

Apstra AOS 2.1 provides turnkey, vendor-agnostic, autonomous lifecycle operations of VXLAN, spanning design, implementation, operations and validation — for any virtual, container-based, and bare-metal workloads.

HOW IT WORKS – INTENT BASED NETWORKINGDeliver Infrastructure Agility and Simplicity

Reduce risk and increase profit by enabling a data center architecture that provides for scale, mobility, security, and simplicity of operations.

Provide Operational Control and Visibility

Learn how AOS 2.1 delivers rack-based design intent, real-time closed-loop telemetry, VXLAN support for integrated overlay and underlay and much more.

Enable Choice of Hardware

See how a combination of open network devices and traditional vendor equipment can coexist through our central software solution.

The Result: Take Control Of Your Network