Document Sharing

20+ Backlinks From Established Document Sharing Websites

Our Document Sharing service helps you put your name and site information in front of a new audience. The service gives you higher link diversity, authority, and highly targeted traffic.

You may be familiar with Scribd, but were you aware you can leverage the power of 20 highly ranked document sharing sites?

Too often we get stuck using the same types of backlinks for SEO. It simply leads to reduced ranking impact on Google. We came up with a unique service to beat this problem that many site owners experience.

The readership and click through rates on these document sharing sites is very high. But finding sites with the opportunity to have high PageRank and giving us backlink diversity is tough… You now need new backlinks from a source which Google sees as authoritative too.

This requirement for diversity and authority led us to develop a document backlink strategy.

Document Sharing

Here Is Our Plan Of Action

Step 1. We create a unique, interesting, and attention grabbing article which is related to your market.

Step 2. Then we create accounts on 20 different document sharing sites just for you.

Step 3. Our team then produces an optimized profile on each of the document sharing sites which includes backlinks to your website and helps brand your company.

Step 4. We upload the documents with embedded backlinks for you, saving you time and effort.

Let Us Take a Look At Each Of Those Critical Steps

To capture the highest readership requires high quality content. Your documents will be formatted properly, include images, and have an on target message for your readers. It is our goal to grab your reader’s attention and guide them to clicking through to your website and to take the action you desire.

We optimize each account, creating an interesting targeted profile highlighting your website. That way it will be easy for readers to find your site immediately. You will be provided with the login information for each account.

You do not need to worry about spending hours uploading documents and creating tags; it is all done for you. We take the unique article we have created for you and upload it to all 20 document sharing sites. We optimize the tags for your niche and document to target Google, Bing, Yahoo, and to grab your reader’s attention.

You will get a great backlink from the profile page, document or both.

Our job is not finished yet. Your documents need to be discovered by Google and quickly ranked. To make sure your new backlinks are indexed quickly we take the RSS feeds and submit them to RSS aggregators for you. We all wrap this up in a nice package and deliver it in your inbox within 7 days.

Are you ready for a boost in rankings?


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