Rapidly Build and Operate Physical and Overlay Networks

Apstra has an upcoming webinar that helps answer a lot of questions around how we are able to dramatically decrease time to market for new data center deployments.

As part of the webinar, I will be providing a scenario and showing how AOS™ 2.0 automates the design and operations of complex networks and server compute pools. Here is a sneak peak of what we will cover…

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Intent-Based Analytics: What is it?

In my previous blog on Intent-Based Networking (IBN) I tried to provide some clarity about our vision of what IBN is, and what it is not. We stressed the importance of automating each and every phase of a service lifecycle by leveraging a single source of truth.

Arguably, the most important phase is “closed-loop validation in the presence of change”. And at the core of it is what we call Intent-Based Analytics (IBA). Let’s define it and dig deeper into it…

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The Dirty Truth about Intent Washing

Any new technology in Silicon Valley will go through a phase where defining precisely what it is can be difficult to do. New ideas need new words to describe them, to keep these ideas distinct in people’s minds. In spite of this, many people will not have heard about any given new and emerging concept.

This creates a window of time where existing vendors with existing products will invariably attempt to further blur an already blurry line in the minds of potential customers about what something new really is. We call this “washing.” For instance, “cloud-washing” is when something that really isn’t “cloud” is talked about as if it were…

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Intent-Based Networking: What is it?

Intent-based-networking (IBN) is the shiny new object in networking. Analysts and vendors alike are touting it as transformative to the data center and Cisco’s CEO said “Intent-Based Networking will redefine networking for the next 30 years”.

Apstra pioneered Intent-Based Networking and delivered the first and only complete system which enables Cisco, Juniper, Arista, HP and white box customers to deploy an IBN system through the Apstra Operating System (AOS™). We are experiencing a phenomenon called “intent washing,” which Gartner predicted would happen…

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