Planning a good SEO strategy does not have to be as difficult as you might believe. There are a few quick and easy steps that can get you to the top of search engine results with minimal effort. Here are five of the most basic, yet effective SEO tips. Use them wisely and you will be well on your way to success.

This may seem like common sense, but it is very important that you put all of the keywords in bold on your web pages. There are sites all over the place that use lines to underline the words or highlight them once you pass your mouse over them, but having the keywords in bold font is the easiest and most effective way to call attention to them. It would also be a good idea to make them a different color so they stand out more.

There should be links all over your site that lead you to other pages within the same site. The point of that is wanting the visitors to feel as if anything they are looking for is on your site and they do not have to look any further. Make sure that the link content is clever and they are not just placed any old place. This will look amateurish and it may alienate the more serious visitors who might come to your site.

Social networking is amazing and using these sites has become the norm for people all over the world. You should provide social networking links on the pages of your site so that people can bookmark your page on their sites. In keeping along the same lines, you should provide links that will allow users to instantly share any content that have read on your site. Users may be hesitant to visit your site based on name alone, but a good headline may make them come and take a peek.

Utilize multiple domain names for every single one of your products or subjects. This is particularly important if you sell a wide range of products. You do not want people to go to your site and become confused about what your specialty is. That happens a lot when people sell all of their items on the same page, regardless if whether the products are even in the same niche. Register a different domain name for every type of product you have available. This means that there is more work needed in order to keep everything up to date on each of the sites.

It is important to create a site map so that a user can find their way to other parts of the site without having to do too much digging around. Nobody wants to be on a site all day trying to find one thing. A site map will help them find what they need in a much shorter amount of time.

SEO is very important and it is crucial to the success of any online business. The five tips that were shared above will help you get your site ranked much higher with multiple search engines.

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