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Choose Wisely: 3 Things to Look for in a Provider

Payment facilitators enable a more seamless merchant experience when it comes to payment acceptance. This is what you do for your customers. But what are some of the steps that you need to take to grow and strengthen your own bottom line?

Athletes May Benefit Using Olive Leaf Extract For Increase in Sports Performance

Hydroxytyrosol and Oleuropein

Since ancient times the olive tree has been enjoyed throughout the Mediterranean. It’s the centerpiece of their diet and one of the healthiest lifestyles in the world. Few people know that there is a far greater health-giving power in the leaves of the olive tree.

Hydroxytyrosol is considered one of the most powerful natural antioxidants and a valuable anti-aging molecule. The oleuropein in olive leaf is a natural wide-spectrum antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. It has proven to be useful in cases of yeast and fungal infections, herpes, allergies, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, and many other panthogens.

Olympic Athlete Praises Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

Did you ever wonder what Olympic athletes may be supplementing with for their health?

In addition to training extremely hard, these athletes also provide their body’s with a health-boosting supplements and food. One such supplement that has gained some exposure is olive leaf extract, a supplement Olympic athlete James Magnussen praised for treating a pre-meet sickness curse.


Olive Leaf Benefits for Atheltes

The consumption of olive leaves has been reported many times by patients but also by healthy individuals to impart greater vigor. This higher vigor can potentially increase performance in work or sports.

There have, also, been many cases reported of rapid recovery from chronic fatigue with frequent and regular consumption of olive leaves. In short, they are an important tool for the modern, burdened by stress man in his need for wellness and longevity.

One can easily observe the wealth of trace elements, minerals and vitamins in olive leaves, making them a valuable nutritional tool for man. At the same time, their proportion in fatty acids (saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated), is ideal and indicates their cardioprotective properties.


Hydroxytyrosol Benefits Muscle Differentiation and Muscle Contraction and Relaxation

This invention is related to the use of hydroxytyrosol (HT), or an olive juice extract containing hydroxytyrosol as an agent to improve muscle differentiation and thus improve or maintain the body’s adaptation to exercise.

It is also related to the use of hydroxytyrosol (HT), or an olive juice extract containing hydroxytyrosol as an agent to improve calcium signaling and to improve skeletal muscle contraction and relaxation.

It also relates to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compositions useful for conditions characterized by altered muscle differentiation especially under inflammatory conditions, such as delayed onset muscle soreness subsequent to strenuous exercise or sarcopenia.


Olive Leaf Supplement Drink OLIFE naturally contains over 200 milligrams of Hydroxytyrosol which may increase physical efficiency and improve attention. OLIFE 1000 ml contains 93% of (OLIVUM), our exclusive olive tree leaves’ water infusion rich in Oleuropein, Elenolic Acid, Rutin, Tyrosol and the efficient antioxidant Hydroxytirosol.

It has been scientifically recognized that these molecules have the following effects: antioxidant, antiradical, regulate arterial pressure, improve blood circulation, energizing, hypoglycaemic, lower cholesterol, metabolize lipids and carbohydrates.


What to Eat to Increase Your Mitochondrial Energy Production (MEP)?

An ex Navy SEAL/ now Ultra Runner friend of mine just recently contacted the lead scientist on this research program about the VO2 max and Mitochondrial Energy Production findings.

Focus on a diet that holds the biofactors that enhance mitochondrial function and production: resveratrol, quercetin, procyanidins, catechins, hydroxytyrosol and pyrroloquinoline quinone


DSM Builds Olive Extract IP With Energy & Exercise Performance Patent

By Stephen Daniells, 06-Apr-2011

Hydroxytyrosol, a key component of olive oil, may boost the function of mitochondria and enhance energy production, according to a new patent from DSM.

Hydroxytyrosol in the Prevention of the Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders


Effect of hydroxytyrosol on metabolic syndrome-associated complications and metabolic syndrome. : Increase in; : Decrease in. LDL-c: Low-Density Lipoprotein-cholesterol; HDL-c: High Density Lipoprotein-cholesterol; SBP: Systolic Blood Pressure; DBP: Diastolic Blood Pressure; SOD: Super Oxide Dismutase; Cat: Catalase; oxLDL: oxidized Low-Density Lipoprotein; VCAM-1: Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1; ICAM-1: Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1; TNF-: Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha; iNOS: inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase; IL-6: Interleukin-6; COX-2: Cyclooxygenase-2; IL-10: Interleukin-10; NO: Nitric Oxide; P-eNOS/eNOS: Phosphorylated Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase/endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase ratio; cGMP: cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate.


More Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

What are the benefits of olive leaf extract? Olive leaf extract harnesses antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant benefits, making it great at preventing:

  • Colds and ‘flu
  • Herpes infections
  • Epstein Barr
  • Warts
  • Chest/lung infections (bacterial pneumonia)
  • Food-borne illnesses (food poisoning)
  • Lymes disease (transmitted by ticks)
  • Some forms of pinkeye
  • Sinusitis
  • Candida Albicans
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Arthritis
  • Protection against radiation from x-rays and UV radiation from the sun



Dallas Decorators Showcase Opening Night Designer Gala

The Traditional Home Dallas Showhouse is just around the corner, so we couldn’t help but share a behind-the-scenes look at our Grand Entry and Stairway design progress. When we first laid eyes on the space we were instantly inspired by it’s potential to be an impossible-to-forget welcome to a stunning home.


The Dallas Decorators Showhouse, presented by Marina Bay Development Corp. and Donna Moss, and sponsored by Traditional Home magazine, is a 7,938 sq. ft. home on 1.5 acres in posh Southlake, Texas – just outside Dallas. It features a master suite, a guest suite, and three additional bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, plus an additional powder room.


Dallas Decorators

Fiber Care & The Cleaning Company

We specialize in caring for fine fabrics.

For your home we offer long lasting fabric protection and cleaning services for upholstery, draperies, rugs and carpet.

Fabric Finishes For your commercial use we offer a variety of finishes by the yard, including flame proofing, protection, backing and lamination.

If you have furnishings, wool carpet, or fine rugs that you want to be cared for properly, FiberCare and The Cleaning Company are who to turn to. The name says it all. This company cares about fibers! Roddi Schoneberg

CALL Fiber Care & The Cleaning Company at (214) 987-4111

Shopify Betting on QR Codes

Leading payment facilitator Shopify is betting that QR codes are coming back in a big way, to connect offline and online shopping more easily.

Square Applies for Banking Charter, Will Other PFs Follow?

As Square evolves its business, it shows other fintech companies what can be done when they think outside traditional payment solutions. So, what does the news last week about the company’s intent to apply for an industrial bank charter forecast for other payment facilitators?

Why Your Data Center Infrastructure Needs Network Automation

Why Network Automation is Essential to Modernizing Your Data Center Infrastructure

As virtualization has proliferated through data centers, IT departments have been able to apply advanced automation tools and techniques to server and storage infrastructures. Integrating the network into the automation workflow, however, has been more challenging.

The Fundamentals of Network Automation
The data center has always been an ecosystem of compute, storage and networking equipment, each typically managed by a separate team with expertise in its particular domain

Taking the Next Step
Data centers are in transition, moving towards solutions and models that enable IT departments to be more responsive to the needs of the business and more service-centric in their approach to delivering value. Network automation is an essential element in that transition, and organizations that lag behind in modernizing their networks are running the risk of losing an important competitive edge.

How do network designers bring higher levels of automation to the data center network?


Visa Rule Change Signals Support for PF Model

As the payment facilitator model evolves, the card networks are increasingly embracing it as a driver of merchant acceptance globally. A recent rule change from Visa further affirms that PFs are in a solid position.

Are You Thinking About Removing Your Tattoo?

If you are thinking of removing, modifying or getting a cover-up tattoo you are not alone

About 50% of Americans are doing the same thing. Published studies show that tattoo removal has increased by 34% in just the last two years. This article further concluded that the main reason for this surge was Job relates pressures.

In this tight job market not only professionals but also employers in restaurants, banks, hospitals, the armed forces, police dept. and even Disney world are shunning visible tats.

Most patients do not require any anesthesia. However, depending on the location of the tattoo and the pain threshold for the patient, the physician may elect to use some form of anesthesia (topical anesthesia cream or painkiller injections at the site of the procedure).

Help relieve the pain and anxiety during any medical procedure!

The natural alternative that you control during any medical Procedure. Use the Pro-Nox System when you need it and still have the ability to drive yourself to and from your appointment.

$300 for first 2 square and $100 per square inch after per session.

Call today 561-990-7294 or book online.


Order Robert Allen Custom Design Furniture and Graded Fabrics

Fine Furniture

Designing custom furniture has never been easier.

This robust selection of furniture comes with the same quality construction that we’re known for with our fabrics, making it superior to retail furniture lines and quicker to customize than workroom specifications.

Choose from over 20,000 fabrics each graded into our custom furniture program for one price.


Square Reaches Out to Sellers in a New Way with Brick-and-Mortar Location

As a new company, Square stepped out of the traditional mold to change the way the payments industry thinks about the point of sale. Now it’s once again trying a new way of looking at the way it relates to sellers.

Announced last Friday, Square’s first brick-and-mortar store location in Manhattan is focused on its merchants, aiming to provide them with more face-to-face support and hands-on experience with Square products.

Mastercard Piloting Smartphone Payment Acceptance in Poland

Mastercard announced a new smartphone payment acceptance pilot in Poland on Wednesday.

The solution does not require the purchase of any POS equipment. Users will only need to download a mobile app and create a merchant account to begin accepting payments, making the process simpler and more cost-effective for small and micro-merchants.

Transform Virtually Any Fabric Into a Wall Treatment With Robert Allen’s Paperbacked Wall Covering Program

Transform virtually any fabric into a wall treatment with Robert Allen’s Paperbacked Wall Covering program. With a wonderful array of textures, a multitude of colors and a plethora of prints, the options are endless and installation is as quick and easy as any standard wall covering.

Try a bold, geometric print to create an accent wall or a sophisticated woven to add subtle depth and dimension to any space.

Robert Allen Design Studio


  • Create elegant fabric wall coverings from virtually any fabric.
  • Coordinate upholstery, window treatments, pillows and many other accessories to your fabric wall covering.
  • The fabrics are back laminated with a commercial grade strippable paper or nonwoven engineered for wall covering.
  • Adds substance and body to fabric making installation easier and quicker.
  • No adhesive bleed-through during installation, allowing for professional quality seams.
  • Extra thickness aids in concealing blemishes on wall surfaces.
  • Paperbacked fabrics serve as insulators and acoustical aids.
  • Maintains original color, texture and quality of your fabric.


We Are Pleased to Offer Proven Analgesia Option to Help Manage Your Pain and Anxiety During Your Medical Procedure

Patient Controlled Analgesia

Pro-Nox Machine The Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide Delivery System empowers you to safely control your own pain relief. Our practice is pleased to offer you this proven analgesia option that will help manage your pain and anxiety during your medical procedure.

The Pro-Nox is a 50% Oxygen and 50% Nitrous analgesia mixture which enables you the patient to self-administer it through a specially designed on-demand valve that only delivers the medical gases when you breath in and need it.

The Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide Delivery System is the best on the market today to help relieve the pain and anxiety during painful medical procedures.

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Self Administered
  • Easy to Use
  • Takes effect quickly
  • Quick Recovery
  • Actively participate-can be used at any time during your procedure
  • Can drive yourself to and from your medical appointment

Call today 561-990-7294 or book online.

Ask that Pro-Nox be scheduled with your upcoming appointment!


Before and After Pictures Lip Filler

Add volume with lip filler injectables to help you look your best. Learn more about your choices and we’ll help you decide what works best for you.

Please call us at 561-990-7294 for more information or schedule an appointment now.

Agriculture A Major Contributor To Deforestation, Climate Change

Soil Depletion Releasing Carbon Into Atmosphere

By Ellen Wulfhorst, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Agriculture has contributed nearly as much to climate change as deforestation by intensifying global warming, according to U.S. research that has quantified the amount of carbon taken from the soil by farming.

Some 133 billion tons of carbon have been removed from the top two meters of the earth’s soil over the last two centuries by agriculture at a rate that is increasing, said the study in PNAS, a journal published by the National Academy of Sciences.

Global warming is largely due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from such activities as burning fossil fuels and cutting down trees that otherwise would absorb greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.

deforestation and climate change

But this research showed the significance of agriculture as a contributing factor as well, said Jonathan Sanderman, a soil scientist at the Woods Hole Research Center in Falmouth, Massachusetts and one of the authors of the research.

While soil absorbs carbon in organic matter from plants and trees as they decompose, agriculture has helped deplete that carbon accumulation in the ground, he said.Widespread harvesting removes carbon from the soil as do tilling methods that can accelerate erosion and decomposition.

It’s alarming how much carbon has been lost from the soil, he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Small changes to the amount of carbon in the soil can have really big consequences for how much carbon is accumulating in the atmosphere.

Sanderman said the research marked the first time the amount of carbon pulled out of the soil has been spatially quantified.The 133 billion tons of carbon lost from soil compares to about 140 billion tons lost due to deforestation, he said, mostly since the mid-1800s and the Industrial Revolution.

But the findings show potential for the earth’s soil to mitigate global warming by absorbing more carbon through such practices as better land stewardship, more extensive ground cover to minimize erosion, better diversity of crop rotation and no-till farming, he said.

The world’s nations agreed in Paris in 2015 to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases generated by burning fossil fuels that are blamed by scientists for warming the planet.

Read The Full Story About Agriculture and Climate Change.

climate change and deforestation

Sacred Seedlings is a global initiative to support forest conservation, reforestation, urban forestry, carbon capture, sustainable agriculture and wildlife conservation. Sustainable land management and land use are critical to the survival of entire ecosystems.

Mastercard to PFs on QR Codes: Do What You Do Best

Payment facilitators have developed a reputation for innovating solutions that bring previously excluded parties into the formal payments system. According to Mastercard’s James Hicks, this ability to take a fresh look at old problems makes PFs well suited to help the card networks expand the use of digital payments into emerging markets using QR codes.

3D Printing Funding Bubble? Did It Break?

After the hype bubble sent 3D printing stocks tumbling in 2014, the industry is starting to recover, shedding much of the fat associated with consumer 3D printing. Instead, industrial 3D printers have become the focus, with even desktop 3D printer manufacturers focusing heavily on the application of affordable 3D printing for prototyping and designing, rather than the idea of a 3D printer in every home. That shift in focus still hasn’t managed to affect 3D printer companies much as our Nanalyze 3D Printing Stocks motif has return -8% over the past year compared to a +2.5% change in the S&P500.

According the the largest 3D Printing E-learning site, many of the new inventors are now being replaced with serious business executives. Its no easier to start a 3D Printing Business than any other type of business.

3D Print Your Own Photos With 3D Printing Lithopanes

I can’t believe how crazy good the lion turned out! Which one was your favourite and what would you like to turn into a lithophane? I sincerely hope you found this video interesting to watch, and I would very much appreciate if you could spend 1 second and give this video a like, thank you!

Searching for images to print? Try Google for iconic pictures or awesome wallpapers.

Imagine the, blueprints, modeling, parts, specs

Skin Experts Harnessing Power of Radio Frequency and Ultrasound Technology for Tighter and More Youthful Looking Skin


It isn’t just for ’90s-era kitchens anymore. By harnessing the power of radio frequency and ultrasound technology, skin experts are zapping below the epidermal surface, remodeling tissue to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

The process results, they claim, in tighter, more youthful looking jawlines and necks. The best part (at least according to fans)? Because the procedures are noninvasive, there’s little to no downtime.


Exilis Ultra 360 Skin Tightening and Body Contouring

BTL Exilis Ultra system represents the world’s most advanced RF and Ultrasound technology for shaping, tightening, cellulite reduction and facial rejuvenation.


Help relieve the pain and anxiety during any medical procedure!

The natural alternative that you control during any medical Procedure. Use the Pro-Nox System when you need it and still have the ability to drive yourself to and from your appointment.

You will feel the effect in seconds and it will offer you an immediate relief of pain and anxiety. You control how often to use it.

Ask that Pro-Nox be scheduled with your upcoming appointment!

Call today 561-990-7294 or book online.

New Designs at Scout Label Collection in Dallas Design District

Meet Marlon, one of the newest designs in our exclusive Scout Label Collection. Style and comfort collide.

Scout Pack stylist note:

We are crushing hard on this design right now, and especially love the brass sabots. So luxe.

Available in mist and natural linen. COM (customer’s own material) is always an option.


We SCOUT the world to carefully curate our vintage collections AND to create our own exclusive, limited run Scout Label merchandise. Located in the Dallas Design District our 15,000 square foot showroom houses a well edited collection of new and vintage furniture, artwork, lighting and home accessories from around the globe.

Scout is a principal resource for designers, collectors and retail customers throughout the world. With on-site refinishing we are able to offer a collaborative process to execute your creative vision.


Robert Allen Furniture Custom, Easy and Beautiful

Designer Jan Showers relied on Robert Allen Custom Furniture for her one-of-a-kind design. With the sophisticated yet stylish Tate chair as her canvas, she chose to make it her own with Shifted Stripe in Blush by DwellStudio for Robert Allen @ Home and added accenting welting with Wool Sateen in Lambswool by Beacon Hill.

I love this simple pattern on this stylish chair. It would work in any interior and make such a chic statement.

Discover your endless furniture design possibilities.

Designer Bed Series Simply White

Our celebration of Simply White was certainly a bright spot of Spring for Peacock Alley. Beginning in our Nashville location, we were joined by Ray Booth and then continued our celebration in Atlanta with Susan Ferrier, both of the acclaimed McAlpine House.


PFs Key to Supporting QR Code Expansion

Payment facilitators have a significant role to play as Visa expands digital transactions into new markets using QR codes.

The bar codes have turned the point-of-sale world on its head in response to conditions in emerging markets, according to Uttam Nayak, SVP, emerging market digital payments, for Visa.

Podcast: Vantiv’s Danner Calls Payfacs ‘Epitome of Tech Companies’

Chuck Danner, GM of Payfacs for processor Vantiv, admires not only the software expertise of payfacs but also their creative nature in finding new verticals to help with their value-adds and efficiencies. “We’re reliant on these companies for new ideas,” Danner said in this week’s edition of the podcast.

Danner said payfacs are ideal for emerging markets that were either less complicated, non-existent or not tech-enabled, such as healthcare, ride-sharing, crowd funding and vending machines. Because the payfac model is so young, the need and opportunities for payfacs are outpacing the supply. “Growth is phenomenal,” Danner said, but closing that gap will take “maturity and time.”

PFs Key to Supporting QR Code Expansion

Payment facilitators have a significant role to play as Visa expands digital transactions into new markets using QR codes.

The bar codes have turned the point-of-sale world on its head in response to conditions in emerging markets, according to Uttam Nayak, SVP, emerging market digital payments, for Visa.

Vantiv and Worldpay Reach Merger Deal

U.S. processor Vantiv and London-based Worldpay have reached agreement on the terms of their proposed merger, the companies announced.

The combination of the two companies will result in a massive global payments powerhouse that will go by the name Worldpay.


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