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Intent Based Networking

What Is Intent-Based Networking? Network World Network World What is intent-based networking? Gartner Research Vice President Andrew Lerner says intent-based networking systems (IBNS) are not new, and in fact the ideas behind IBNS have been around for years. What's...

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Are You Thinking About Removing Your Tattoo?

If you are thinking of removing, modifying or getting a cover-up tattoo you are not alone About 50% of Americans are doing the same thing. Published studies show that tattoo removal has increased by 34% in just the last two years. This article further concluded that...

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Mastercard to PFs on QR Codes: Do What You Do Best

Payment facilitators have developed a reputation for innovating solutions that bring previously excluded parties into the formal payments system. According to Mastercard's James Hicks, this ability to take a fresh look at old problems makes PFs well suited to help the...

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3D Printing Funding Bubble? Did It Break?

After the hype bubble sent 3D printing stocks tumbling in 2014, the industry is starting to recover, shedding much of the fat associated with consumer 3D printing. Instead, industrial 3D printers have become the focus, with even desktop 3D printer manufacturers...

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Robert Allen Furniture Custom, Easy and Beautiful

Designer Jan Showers relied on Robert Allen Custom Furniture for her one-of-a-kind design. With the sophisticated yet stylish Tate chair as her canvas, she chose to make it her own with Shifted Stripe in Blush by DwellStudio for Robert Allen @ Home and added accenting...

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