Network Automation and Intent-Based Networking: A Primer

Intent-based networking offers engineers intriguing network automation benefits, if it can deliver on promises and separate itself from the hype.

Intent-based networking, or IBN, could redefine how applications and services are delivered within enterprise networks. But before that happens, the concept must separate itself from marketing hype and begin to actually deliver on promises…



Use Cases for Intent-Based Networking

Having established the key components of an intent-based networking system, let’s take a look at some examples of how this approach to networking bears fruit. For each of the services we’ll discuss here, there is generally an associated SLA that must be met.

The integrity of that SLA may be measured by your internal operations, another department within your enterprise, or by a customer. The classes of use cases we will examine are…



Implementing Intent-Based Networking in IoT

IT executives and enterprises require a comprehensive and flexible networking solution that automates planning, designing, processing, implementation, as well as deployments of products and services. With that in mind companies are in the process of implementing machine learning, neural networking, and other artificial intelligent devices to further the cause of Intent-based networking (IBN).

To make IBN possible, organizations require a massive amount of information on the surrounding ecosystem to implement the best solution…



Apstra Showcases Intent-Based Networking for IoT, Digital Transformation and Modern Networks at Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Conference

Apstra delivered the first vendor-agnostic intent-based networking support for integrated physical and virtual networks and VXLAN. AOS 2.0 accelerates the migration to modern leaf-spine infrastructure, including automation of the entire lifecycle of VXLAN-based Layer 2 network services within and across racks, ensuring that legacy applications work without any modifications…



Intent-Based Networking Systems (IBNS): Machine Learning Sprinkles Intelligence in Networks

Machine Learning is entangling the world in the web of smart, intelligent and automated algorithms. The next bug caught in the mesh is Networking. The paradigm of network management is all set to take a pretty big shift with machine learning sprinkled networks.

Termed as Intent-based network, it is a network management system focussed on improving network availability and agility through means of automation…