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Many small businesses know social media can be a huge lead generator, but most don’t ever see the business that they hoped for or where promised. That’s because it’s hard to make an impact from just doing a few updates on your Twitter or Facebook page. That is just simply not going to cut through the noise of all the various social interactions and paid promos that exist in both those spaces.

Well-Oiled Social Media Machine

If you want to dominate the internet marketing scene, you need to hire a professional team of social media managers that can run a highly-engaged online presence. You could hire a relative or family member in-need of a job, but you won’t get the SEO and online marketing knowledge behind your active profiles that can take your business to the next level.

A social media manager is going to be not only advertising on all the social media platforms, they’re going to be actively listening to feedback, grievances about competitors, and following leads that can help build value for your brand’s image.

Hard to Capture, Easy to Keep

The other big disconnect that small businesses have with social media marketing is that they often view it as another direct marketing tool, where if they throw x-amount of dollars, they will see an increase in x-amount of customers or sales. No matter how good the social media management company is, they can never give you estimates like this, as with most other forms of advertising. It just doesn’t work the same as the old models.

It’s all about building loyal customers and allowing your strong social game to get a community to essentially provide the best form of advertising out there: word-of-mouth.

Reach for Success

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither can the success of your company, especially your online success. Social media managers can create that connection with your customers that turn them from interested buyers, to long-time fans. Every business likes fans, right? You know, those consumers who will defend and recommend your brand for as long as you give them a reason to trust you. Even if your company goes through some tough times, you can still keep afloat with a strong base of loyal customers or fans.

Those small businesses who only own one or two physical locations where they can meet personally with their customers will find the value of a strong social presence incomparable. You want to present that human element to your brand, no matter what industry you’re in; nothing is worse than PR that is so forced and so ‘used car salesman’ that you’re scrambling to find the nearest remote/trash/unsubscribe button.

Finally, your network of customers who interact with you on social media will serve as your loyal temp employees, who can answer and interact with any new customers that join the team. These rewards from having a strong social media marketing team only get better with age, so if you’re not fully-invested in one now, there’s no time like the present.