Do you automated software, scraping tools or curation apps?
Absolutely NOT. Everything we do, we do by hand. Our service is like having an in-house social media manager, without the cost of a full time employee.
Are your techniques safe for the Google Panda/Penguin/Narwhale etc. update?
Yes! We’re not creating fake profiles, fake links, fake social signals, or anything else fake, spammy or unwelcome. Everything we do is 100% authentic and is what a typical site owner would do naturally to promote their properties if they had the time!
Who does the work?
Our full-time writing staff is trained on effective, spam-free social media management, content creation and optimization. Your project will be assigned one dedicated writer and one dedicated editor to ensure a consistent message. We don’t outsource and everyone that touches your project will be a fully vested, in-house employee who meets daily together via webinar.
Is this a contract?
We don’t force any minimums on you and you are not in a contract. You can cancel at any time, just let us know by submitting a request at the Support Desk three business days prior to your next billing cycle.
Will I be able to post to my profiles?
Yes! These are your accounts, after all! You’ll be able to post when and if you want to, but rest easy knowing we’re taking care of it consistently no matter what.
Couldn’t I just hire a virtual assistant to do this for me?
Of course you can! You’d need to go through the hiring process, which can take weeks. Then you’d need to train them – another process that can take weeks or even months. Once they were trained you would still need to supervise their work, find a replacement when they’re out, correct mistakes, etc…
How long will it take to see results?
Many of our clients see an immediate increase in response in their social accounts, from the first day or two that we begin posting for them. A consistent social presence encourages more interaction than one-off posting, after all.

Your social profiles will be updated daily with high quality content that demonstrates your expertise in your niche/market.

Your businesses’ success depends on many factors – your overall branding, pricing, offer, website, shopping cart, payments accepted, niche, etc. Some clients aim to build their social followers, while others want more leads and still other clients wants to sell more of a high-priced product. With so many variables that affect the results – and so many different ideas of what “results” are among our clients, it’s impossible for us to predict the results you’ll have.

Who is Zooming Media?
Zooming Media is a Mass Density, Inc. web property and is owned by internet marketing expert Rich Benvin who has been on top of online marketing, SEO and social media marketing since 2000.
Can you write in American / UK / Australian english?
Yes! Our editors are native English speakers from around the globe. Your project will be assigned the appropriate editor for your locale to ensure the tone and voice are consistent with your brand.
What does a ‘dedicated account manager’ do?
You are assigned a single point of contact – your dedicated account manager. When discussing your account, you’ll always deal with your account manager so there’s no confusion.
How will I communicate what I want after I order?
Once you place your order, you’ll be brought to a page with a few questions about your business, your existing social presence, etc… Submit that information and our team gets to work on setting up your accounts in our systems, researching your market, etc…

Let us take the work of daily social media management off your hands!