Big Data Means Big Discovery

Eric Dishman shares his personal story of how his 25 year struggle with kidney cancer was finally resolved through Big Data and personalized medicine.

Dishman’s doctors were able to treat him successfully after sequencing his complete genome. For personalized medicine, only 50,000 people on earth have had their entire genome sequenced.

“The National Human Genome Research Institute, (NHGRI) has tracked the costs associated with DNA sequencing performed at the sequencing centers funded by the Institute. This information has served as an important benchmark for assessing improvements in DNA sequencing technologies and for establishing the DNA sequencing capacity of the NHGRI Genome Sequencing Program (GSP). Here, NHGRI provides an analysis of these data, which gives one view of the remarkable improvements in DNA sequencing technologies and data-production pipelines in recent years.”

The Cure for Healthcare Is Personalization

Being able to crunch massive amounts of data using real-time, in-memory computing solutions means that hospitals all over the world can start accessing and analyzing numerous sources of information, from genomes, to electronic medical records (EMR), to clinical trials – bringing them together to create personalized treatments for patients.


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